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The Day Ahead: Monday April 2

By on 4.2.12 | 8:58AM

Current TV bosses had laundry list of reasons Keith Olbermann was sacked (Fox News)

Obama, Calderon, Harper talk trade, energy (AP)

A widening gender gap boosts Obama over Romney (USA Today)

Mad Men slams Romney... George Romney (Breitbart)

Santorum: Ryan's budget doesn't go far enough with cuts (The Hill)

House Republicans discuss reviving earmarks (Reuters)

RSC budget vote flippers (RedState)

Sarah Palin to co-host NBC's 'Today' on Tuesday (AP)

In Canada, Senators solve disagreements in the boxing ring (National Post)

Chris Christie goes to Israel (NBC)

Obama lawyers used faulty data on uncompensated care (IBD)

Biggest bond traders see worst over for treasuries (Bloomberg)

Top Obama campaign donor accused of fraud (AP)

Michelle Obama gets slimed (Daily Mail)

Sen. Richard Burr abandons Whip bid (Roll Call)

Corzine is getting a pass - would you? (WSJ)

Eleven alternatives to Obamacare's individual mandate (Bloomberg)

Candidate allowed to call himself an "astronaut" on the ballot (

If you won the lottery on Friday, what should you do? (WSJ)

Egypt candidate: Muslim Brotherhood's Khairat al-Shater (BBC)

VIDEO: Mitt Romney's staff play an April Fools joke on the candidate


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