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Where Will Olbermann Go Now?

By on 3.31.12 | 1:47AM

Current TV (co-owned by Al Gore) has dismissed Keith Olbermann after less than a year on the air. Olbermann has been replaced by former New York Governor (and former CNN Host) Eliot Spitzer. I guess Rick Sanchez wasn't available.

Olbermann has already announced his intention to bring legal action against Current TV. Discontent between Olbermann and Gore surfaced in January over coverage of the Iowa GOP Caucuses.

The question is where will he end up?

I think there are three possible choices he could land:

1. The MLB Network - Olbermann does know his baseball. It's one thing for him to make a guest appearance on Clubhouse Confidential but giving him a program would be too much to bear. Even I might have to give up watching the MLB Network if they bring him in. Me giving up watching baseball programming? I shudder to think.

2. The Golf Channel - Although I'm sure he would find a way to tee them off.

3. Al Jazeera English - I think he might find a home with them. But if he runs afoul of them they'll flog him instead of firing him. Or they could just assign them to their bureau in Zimbabwe.

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