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The Day Ahead: Friday March 30

By on 3.30.12 | 9:00AM

Paul Ryan endorses Mitt Romney (WaPo)

Justices likely to vote on ObamaCare today (USA Today)

Dems fume over Justice Scalia's comments during healthcare case (AP)

The @KillZimmerman Twitter account (Daily Caller)

Roseanne Barr joins vigilante crew (The Smoking Gun)

Father Pfleger memorializes Trayvon Martin with wooden statue, hoodie, Skittles (Daily Caller)

After Obama's budget earns 0 votes, Ryan budget passes the house (WaPo)

Minimum wage laws in San Fransisco means no $5 Subway sandwiches (NBC)

Jimmy Carter urges Democrats to be pro-life (Life News)

Mark Block under federal investigation (Wisconsin Journal)

3 major banks prepare for downgrade (NY Times)

VP Biden says Obama has made tougher decisions than FDR (ABC)

In 2007, Biden shared Romney's worries about Russia (Buzzfeed)

Nearly 10% of New Hampshire food stamp recipients have out-of-state address (Free Beacon)

Rick Santorum's a good bowler (The Atlantic)

The real boundaries of the Bible Belt (The Atlantic)

Chris Matthews was unprepared for the prospect that ObamaCare is unconstitutional (Newsbusters)

Rep. Aaron Schrock used campaign funds for P90X discs (CREW)

Lynnae Williams: The CIA spy Who tweets (The Daily Beast)

John Kerry: They're swiftboating Obama (Politico)

On the Run, bin Laden had 4 children and 5 houses, a wife says (NY Times)

VIDEO: Obamaville


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