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The Day Ahead: Wednesday March 28

By on 3.28.12 | 8:33AM

On day 2, Justice Kennedy among mandate skeptics (The Hill)

Vindication for Professor Randy Barnett (NY Times)

Audio: Justice Scalia lectures Verrilli on enumerated powers (Hot Air)

Hilton Kramer, founder of The New Criterion, has died (The New Criterion)

Soros insider-trade appeal rejected by Human Rights Court (Bloomberg)

Quinnipiac: Obama beats Romney in key swing states (The Hill)

Newt Gingrich begins charging $50 for pics at events (CBS)

College Democrats invite Louis Farrakhan to speak in Alabama (Daily Caller)

Mitt Romney's hedge fund kingmaker (CNN)

The media map: Who's reading what & where? (Forbes)

Romney's "Romniacs" (WaPo)

Why CATO's Ed Crane pushed the Koch conspiracy theory (Breitbart)

Government proposes first carbon limits on power plants (Reuters)

Pope plays politics with Castro (FT)

Sen. Rand Paul blocks Iran sanctions bill (Politico)

Michelle Malkin's latest media project (Washington Examiner)

Media Matters writer "sorry" after blasting Drudge for Martin photo (Fox News)

VIDEO: Obama singing LMFAO's "I'm sexy and I know it"


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