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The Day Ahead: Monday March 26

By on 3.26.12 | 8:56AM

ObamaCare at the Supreme Court this week (Hoover Institute)

In SCOTUS case, Obamacare has industry allies (Washington Examiner)

A technicality that might save Obamacare: The Anti-Injunction Act (The Daily Beast)

Louisiana win steels resolve of Santorum to stay in race (Washington Times)

Obama to Russia: "After my election I have more flexibility" (Weekly Standard)

Washington salutes Andrew Breitbart (Breitbart)

How Ron Paul attacks Mitt Romney (The Hill)

Sen. Harry Reid's train to nowhere (AP)

Santorum's Catholicism proves a draw to Evangelicals (NY Times)

Michele Bachmann owes $1 Million in campaign debt (HuffPo)

Why countries remain poor (WSJ)

US paid close to $50,000 per shooting spree death in Afghanistan (MSNBC)

Danish TV host mocks Obama for his rhetoric (Weekly Standard)

Pope's trip sparks hopes for change in Cuba (Reuters)

At D.C. journalists dinner, Rick Perry plays the comedian (Texas Tribune)

Left-wing philanthropy profits from oil and tobacco (Free Beacon)

Former Vice President Cheney has heart transplant (WaPo)

U.S.-led talks with Taliban going nowhere (McClatchy)

VIDEO: Make your own gun-free zone


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