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Jeb Bush Endorses Romney

By on 3.21.12 | 12:45PM

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has endorsed Mitt Romney following his decisive win in the Illinois GOP Primary last night.

I recall when former conservative Democrat Congressman Artur Davis wrote an article at NRO before the Florida GOP primary urging Republicans to draft Bush. Frankly, I don't think this resonated with a lot of conservative activists. Fair or not, he would have been judged against his brother (and for that matter his father). Tea Party populism and political dynasties aren't a good mix. Yes, a case could have been made that he would have beat Obama in Florida. But GOP chances in Florida also improve if Marco Rubio is put on the ticket.

The question is whether this will cause Republicans to coalesce around Romney or if Republican voters stand up and say they don't want to be told for whom to cast their ballots. I suspect it will be more the latter than the former at least for now given that Rick Santorum will probably have a convincing win in Louisiana on Saturday.

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