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French Shooter an al Qaeda Terrorist

By on 3.21.12 | 8:42AM

As of this writing, there is a standoff at an apartment building in Toulouse between French authorities and the shooter responsible for seven deaths over a period of eight days.

The gunman has been identified as Mohammad Merah, a Frenchman of Algerian descent who is affiliated with al Qaeda. He had fought with al Qaeda and was imprisoned in 2007 for planting bombs only to escape a year later with help from the Taliban.

Merah told negotiators that he killed the schoolchildren as revenge for killing of Palestinian children and also wanted to kill French soldiers for their involvement in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

French authorities are trying to capture Merah alive. However, he has exchanged gunfire with police and has wounded three officers.

Meanwhile, the three schoolchildren have been laid to rest in Israel.

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