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Prediction: Tebow Will Start in 2012

By on 3.19.12 | 10:49PM

Jim Antle argues that there is a limited market for Tim Tebow. But even if that's true a limited market it's quite different from no market at all.

Mark my words. Tim Tebow will be a starting NFL quarterback in 2012. He's earned it. At the very minimum, he'll sell merchandise and put butts in seats. At the most, he can have a true opportunity to help build a team from the ground up and along the way continue to have some more fourth quarter flourishes. Say what you will about Tebow. He ain't boring.

So where will Tebow end up? Here are my three picks. 1. Jacksonville Jaguars 2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers or 3. Cleveland Browns. We'll see.

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