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Manning: A Rocky Mountain Mistake (Or John Elway’s Lack of Faith in Tim Tebow)

By on 3.19.12 | 5:45PM

Jim Antle makes a very good argument about how signing Peyton Manning will be a good thing for the Denver Broncos.

But I'm going to stick my neck out and say that the Broncos will rue the day they signed Manning especially if they trade Tim Tebow.

I don't care how good Manning's resume is. Signing a 35-year old quarterback (who turns 36 on Saturday) who is a whiplash away from ending his career while casting aside a 24-year old quarterback at the start of a promising career is just plain dumb.

When it first emerged that Manning was going to talk to the Broncos I warned of a backlash. But, of course, if Manning lead Denver to the Promised Land in Super Bowl XLVII then all is forgiven. Yet I cannot help but think that John Elway will come to regret his lack of faith in Tim Tebow.

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