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The Day Ahead: Monday March 19

By on 3.19.12 | 8:48AM

Mitt Romney overwhelmingly wins primary in Puerto Rico (CNN)

John Derbyshire writes about his cancer treatment (TakiMag)

Santorum says Seamus issue is "important" character matter (Daily Caller)

K Street lines up for Romney (First Street)

U.S. Made profit on mortgage debt (WSJ)

Wall Street keys on landlord business (WSJ)

New Huckabee radio show moves in on Limbaugh's turf (WSJ)

As health care law's trial approaches, 2/3rds say ditch individual mandate (ABC News)

Brian Lamb steps down from C-SPAN (NY Times)

Pelosi's daughter exposes HBO bias (Breitbart)

Eric Holder, in 1995, favored "brainwashing" America on gun control (Breitbart)

The rise of the "swingle" voter (Slate)

John McCain: Arizona contraception bill should be vetoed (HuffPo)

Two polls: Mourdock within 6 of Lugar (Politico)

Biden gets booed at St. Patrick's Day parade in Pittsburgh (RCP)

Kony 2012 creator arrested (HuffPo)

D.C. covered up bad water quality tests (Washington Examiner)

How the Roberts court could save Obama's health-care reform (WaPo)

Socialist supermodel Elle Macpherson loves Obama (Newsbusters)

The Afghanistan shooter (NY Times)

VIDEO: Planned Parenthood exposed


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