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Noll to ND

By on 2.10.06 | 11:27AM

Wheaton College's foremost scholar, historian Mark Noll (The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind), is headed to the University of Notre Dame in the fall, Christianity Today reports. As a little background, Wheaton is the evangelical Christian school that just okayed dancing among its students a couple years ago and recently fired a popular professor when he converted to Catholicism. So the irony is a little rich, even if Professor Noll is only swimming the Tiber in profession and not confession.

At Mirror of Justice, Rob Vischer reacts:

Professor Noll, I would guess, would not view his departure to Notre Dame as an abdication of the calling that kept him at Wheaton for so many years. The venue changes, as do particular priorities and opportunities in terms of scholarship, teaching, mentoring, etc. But the foundational academic mission of bringing Christ's light to the world of ideas remains, even in South Bend.

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