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The Scott Walker Recall… On Broadway!

By on 3.14.12 | 7:06PM

This isn't quite Gilbert and Sullivan, but here is retired Wisconsin music teacher Frank Koczan singing about recalling Gov. Walker, with such memorable lines as:

"We won't curse him or throw rocks.... We'll simply get him by the B-A-L-L.....O-T ballot box."


"Scotty is a dead duck." (A death threat? As you'll notice, he does get worked up.)


A tragedy of public-sector unions is it can take well-intentioned employees, who might be otherwise apolitical, and turn them into Democratic apparatchiks who will actively campaign against reforms which have already prevented teachers from being laid off.

If you benefitted for an unsustainable taxpayer-funded pension system which you never contributed to, had a guaranteed income for life, and taxpayer-funded gold-plated health insurance, you might be singing a bitter tune as well.

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