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The Day Ahead: Wednesday March 14

By on 3.14.12 | 8:58AM

Rick Santorum wins in Alabama and Mississippi (Politico)

Mitt Romney wins in Hawaii and America Samoa (National Journal)

CBO doubles Obamacare cost estimates (Washington Examiner)

Natural gas bill driven forward by Harry Reid-T. Boone Pickens ties (HuffPo)

Obama's wine list corked after $100-plus bottle served; Paul Ryan smiles (Bloomberg)

Liberal spin out of sync with liberal media polls on HHS mandate (Matt Lewis)

Sec. Chu no longer supports higher gas prices (Fox News)

Democrats face ideological House primaries (Roll Call)

W.H. not so transparent on FOIA (Politico)

David Axelrod bails on Bill Maher (Politico)

Encyclopedia Britannica to stop printing books (CNN)

Why interacting with a woman can leave men "cognitively impaired" (Scientific American)

Limbaugh will not forgive or negotiate with companies that pulled advertising (Business Insider)

New ADA rule requires all swimming polls to have a lift for the disabled (Washington Examiner)

Dick Cheney cancels Canada trip over security fears (Slate)

Four large US banks fail stress test (AFP)

Policy, not politics, is the key to understanding David Cameron (The Telegraph)

VIDEO: Filmmaker behind Obama documentary finds no faults


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