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For Romney, Southern Discomfort or an Evangelical Breakthrough

By on 3.13.12 | 6:44PM

Here's something to keep in mind as the returns come in tonight: The early exit polls suggest that evangelicals were 70 to 80 percent of the electorate in Alabama and Mississippi. Mitt Romney, who was leading or tied in most polls of the two states, has yet to win in a state where more than 50 percent of the voters are evangelicals.

I'll be blogging and tweeting about the results as we learn more.

UPDATE: Here are some numbers from the early exits that favor Romney. Pluralities in both states prefer a candidate who can beat Barack Obama over other characteristics -- such being a "true conservative" or having good personal character -- and Romney is considered the most electable. Note that these numbers can change and the early exit polls will be recalibrated as the actual results come in.

UPDATE II: The early exits show Romney tying Rick Santorum among evangelicals in Mississippi, where they were 80 percent of the vote, and trailing Santorum by eight among evangelicals in Alabama, where they are 74 percent of the vote.

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