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The Day Ahead: Tuesday March 13

By on 3.13.12 | 9:04AM

Today in Mississippi and Alabama, it's Southern Super Tuesday! (ABC News)

James O'Keefe exposes voter-fraud friendly policies in Vermont (Breitbart)

First Lady challenged by 11-year-old reporter (Free Beacon)

Mitt Romney's declining fundraising edge (WSJ)

The Slog to 1,144: So far, demographics trumps momentum (RCP)

Congress remains deeply unpopular (WaPo)

Video of Mitt Romney's first introduction of insurance mandates (Buzzfeed)

Romney's fish-flop (HuffPo)

GOP is split on budget discussions (NY Times)

Evergreen Solar to abandon Massachusetts factory (WSJ)

America's fossil-fuels jobs boom (NY Times)

Lunch with Charles Murray (Financial Times)

VP Biden hails middle class at wealthy fundraiser (Washington Examiner)

US to bring trade case against China (AP)

In 20 years, divorce for people between 48-66 years old is up more than 50% (Reuters)

Yahoo sues Facebook (Reuters)

Pew Study: Online, liberals are intolerant (

VIDEO: Occupiers set up a home inside Bank of America


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