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The Day Ahead: Monday March 12

By on 3.12.12 | 9:00AM

An American Auto Bailout- in France? (ABC News)

Mitt Romney's C.E.O. style in Massachusetts (NY Times)

Tea Party movement takes the long view (NY Times)

Orrin Hatch faces challenge in Utah GOP caucus (AP)

Conservative leaders pledge almost $2 million for Rick Santorum (Politico)

The Obama administration's backlog of FOIA requests (Politico)

Specter says Obama ditched him after he helped pass health law (The Hill)

Detroit nears bankruptcy (American Interest)

Obama impeachment bill introduced in Congress (WND)

Political contributor skirts limits of D.C. law (Washington Times)

Team Obama hires lobbyist again, ethics be damned (Washington Examiner)

Is political comedy inherently leftist? (CNN)

Exports to China boom (WaPo)

Netanyahu gives Obama the Book of Esther (CSM)

Chris Hughes friends the New Republic (Reuters)

Sarkozy, in rousing talk, takes conservative stands (NY Times)

Afghanistan shooting clouds exit strategy (Politico)

VIDEO: Rick Santorum music video, "Game On"


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