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Weekend Political Wrap-Up

By on 3.11.12 | 11:48AM

1. Ron Paul won the popular vote in his first primary or caucus -- the Virgin Islands -- but Mitt Romney still ended up walking away with most of the delegates. Dave Weigel explains.

2. That was pretty much the theme of the weekend. Rick Santorum won the Kansas Republican caucuses easily. But Romney did just well enough to keep the state from being winner-take-all for Santorum, nabbing seven delegates, and then pulling in delegates from Guam, the Virgin Islands, and the Northern Mariana Islands. Romney also prevailed in this weekend's voting in the seemingly never-ending Wyoming caucuses. Romney got the most delegates this weekend, 39-33, extending his lead.

3. The math essentially favors Romney at this point, but because the counts are inexact -- a lot of unbound delegates still out there, plus caucuses where the delegate allocation has a confusing relationship with the popular vote totals -- it isn't clear how much so. Tim Carney lays out the realistic best-case scenario for Romney, Sean Trende the worst case. Either way, Santorum and Newt Gingrich stand a much better chance of denying Romney a majority than overtaking him.

4. Gingrich stands a chance of winning Alabama and Mississippi on Tuesday. If he doesn't? Initially, it seemed he would consider dropping out, but now he is insisting that he won't. Obviously, how well he does and where he places will be important. But a Southern strategy can't just consist of South Carolina and Georgia.

5. Rasmussen shows both Romney and Santorum winning national pluralities against President Barack Obama.

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