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Could Manning Replace Tebow in Denver?

By on 3.9.12 | 2:47PM

Well, this is very interesting. Peyton Manning is meeting with the Denver Broncos.

Manning, who was released by the Indianapolis Colts earlier this week, is being sought after by a number of NFL teams including the New York Jets, Miami Dolphins, Kansas City Chiefs and Arizona Cardinals. But this is the first time the Broncos have been entered the equation.

Frankly, I think the Broncos are a long shot. Nevertheless, if Manning decides to head to the Rocky Mountains where does that leave Tim Tebow? Less than two months ago, John Elway said that Tebow was the starting quarterback going into Broncos training camp next summer. Clearly, Elway is having second thoughts.

I think there will be a big backlash against the Broncos if they sign Manning. Some of it will be against Elway who has long been perceived not to be a fan of Tebow's style of play and for being two faced. Some of it will be perceived as being about Tebow's faith. Although Manning has shown exemplary conduct off the field throughout his career, he would also be cast as the bad guy. Here's Tebow guiding his team to the playoffs against all odds and then gets kicked to the curb for a quarterback who hasn't played in a year, has a serious problem with his neck and might not have anything left in the tank. Then again, Manning could guide them to a Super Bowl victory and all would be forgiven.

My guess is that Manning will end up in Miami with New York and Kansas City a close second and third.

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