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The Day Ahead: Friday March 9

By on 3.9.12 | 8:00AM

Sandra Fluke represented by Anita Dunn's PR firm (Daily Caller)

Professor Obama assigned reading Derrick Bell (Breitbart)

The Sorkinization of politics (Vanity Fair)

Inside Ford's fight to avoid disaster (WSJ)

$100,000 electric car fails test (MSNBC)

Lottery winner in MI still uses food stamps (CSM)

Ohio's invisible candidate (Cincinnati Enquirer)

CNN Bias Exposed by Breitbart Video (Commentary)

FOIA shows White House closely involved in firing of Shirley Sherrod (Politico)

Being in Congress loses its thrill for some lawmakers (Politico)

New Obama documentary finds no faults with President (Politico)

Obama Super PAC won't return Maher money (Fox News)

Obamacare is very unpopular with voters (WaPo)

The problems with the GOP nomination process (National Journal)

Fact checking the "Kony 2012" viral video (NPR)

29 years ago on this today, the "Evil Empire" speech (Ricochet)

Details on bin Laden's last days (NY Times)

VIDEO: Florida legislators debate Jay-Z lyrics

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