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Against Deceitful Leftist Culture Warriors

By on 3.8.12 | 2:54PM

My latest at twelve23 at U. of Mobile. 

A taste:

The culture warriors of the left are insidious, invidious, dishonest, ruthless, and very, very clever. As soon as they assert the absolute right to new ground they have never before held or even suggested acquiring, they then start accusing traditionalists of "rolling back" the "right" to the ground the left doesn't yet actually hold.


When the year 2012 dawned, it was true that never before in the history of the United States had the federal government required, as a cost of doing business, the provision of free contraception. Nor had the government ever before dared to so directly interfere with any churches' doctrinal-related actions. The abortifacient mandate is thus a dual attack on free enterprise and free conscience, on ground that had never been fought over before.

Yet somehow, suddenly, the media is portraying this issue as if it is an "attack on a woman's right to use contraception." Never mind that not a soul has suggested that contraception be forbidden from those who want it; all anybody has done is resisted the notion that somebody else should be forced to pay for it. What was an assault from the left against the right, from libertines against traditionalists, from big-government against freedom, suddenly is portrayed as an attack from the latter groups against the former.

.... Thus do the victims become portrayed as the aggressors, while the despoilers are portrayed as defenders of all that is right and good. Discarded in the process of inverting the political looking glass are freedom, common culture, age-tested values, morals, and faith.

This is quite a battle we're in.

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