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Washington Post Lies About Rush: A Retraction or a Firing?

By on 3.8.12 | 11:42AM

Rush Limbaugh opened his show today spotlighting yet another lie by a liberal media outlet -- the Washington Post.

The story, here, written by "reporter" Alexandra Petri is headlined:

Rush Limbaugh's show targets jerks, judging from the latest ads

Says Petri:

So far, he's picked up, the site where you go to cheat on your wife, and another Web site that is explicitly for sugar-daddy matchmaking.

The story is a lie. From start to finish.

Perhaps not since the Washington Post won a Pulitzer Prize for a completely fictional story by then reporter Janet Cooke -- and had to hand the prize back - has the paper printed such a blatant lie.

Are there no editors at the Washington Post?

Or are they just editors who have no decency? Is the American public to understand of the Washington Post as Ronald Reagan once said of the Soviet Union:

….that the only morality they recognize is what will further their cause, meaning they reserve unto themselves the right to commit any crime, to lie, to cheat.

Apparently so.

Will reporter Petri be suspended for writing up such a bizarre and deliberate lie? Fired?

Will this story be retracted -- with an apology to Rush Limbaugh?

Or will she be promoted?

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