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Romney Wins Alaska

By on 3.7.12 | 3:01AM

The final result of Super Tuesday: A victory for Mitt Romney in the Alaska caucuses. Rick Santorum came in second, Ron Paul in third -- an especially disappointing result for Paul, who has focused on picking off delegates in caucus states, and who was the only candidate to actually visit the state.

Final score for the night: Romney won six states (Massachusetts, Vermont, Virginia, Ohio, Idaho, and Alaska), Santorum won three (Oklahoma, Tennessee, and North Dakota), Newt Gingrich won one (Georgia), and Paul won none. When the delegates are counted, Romney's win is likely to look somewhat more lopsided. It's getting difficult to see how anyone other than Romney can amass a majority of delegates, but he hasn't scored the knockout that would drive his rivals to quit the race just yet.

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