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The Day Ahead: Tuesday March 6

By on 3.6.12 | 7:41AM

It's Super Tuesday! (NY Times)

The final polling for Super Tuesday (Political Wire)

Kochs vs. Cato, Round 2 (New Yorker)

IRS assults the Tea Party (National Review)

SEIU helps Occupy to "abolish capitalism" (Breitbart)

Kirsten Powers: Where's the outrage at misogynistic liberal men? (Daily Beast)

President Obama informs Congress Dems to expect no money (Politico)

Flip-flopping and tribalism (NPR)

Obama to extend mortage assistance to house flippers and landlords (Bloomberg)

Facebook unfriending is on the rise (Smart Money)

Former Taliban defender appointed to 3rd highest position at Justice Department (Daily Caller)

Sandra Fluke argued in favor of insurance mandates for sex changes (The College Politico)

Chevy Volt named "European car of the year" (Wired)

Bad news for baby boomers, as demographic changes will depress their investments (WSJ)

Greece's secret loan from Goldman Sachs (Bloomberg)

VIDEO: Gov. Scott Walker of WI launches first ad of recall campaign


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