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More Media Madness and Meanness, Exposed

By on 3.4.12 | 8:58PM

Kirsten Powers fascinates me. Sometimes she seems to independent of thought, and sometimes she comes across like a left-wing hit-person. Sometimes she makes a center-left case that really makes me think, and sometimes she sounds like a shrill Kool-Aid drinker.

When the issue was the Obama administration's outrageous dismissal of the voter-intimidation cases against elements of the New Black Panther Party, Powers cheap-shotted those of us who were interested in the issue by saying we were just trying to demagogue (or race-bait) the image of a "scary black man." With my background fighting racism, I resented it like hell.

But now she does a fantastic job gathering all the evidence of leftist misogyny in the political realm, as a way to show how overblown is the media flutter-nutting about Rush Limbaugh's "slut" comments. PLEASE read Powers' piece. It's terrific.

One thing you can always say about her is that she thinks for herself.

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