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By on 2.9.06 | 3:01PM

After manning the AmSpec booth for a while and taking a spin around the Exhibit Hall at CPAC, I have a few thoughts. As with last year, it's amazing how big the "conservative" tent is. The ACLU's here, along with Conservatives for Peace, the Heritage Foundation, nativist groups, Americans for Tax Reform, and much more. If any group has ever been considered slightly conservative or Republican, they're here.

Best handout: Feminists are destroying the American family. Indeed.

Worst button: "Iraq" in a circle with an "x" through it. Fine. You're against the war. But against the country? Poorly worded.

Oh, and Sen. Rick Santorum's signing his ISI book. It appears as though he'll be there for a while, as there is a line of well-dressed young men and women (mostly guys in dark navy suits) earnestly waiting the senator's signature. He appears good natured about it.

Speaking of well-dressed young men and women, as soon as you board the red line on the Metro, there's no question that CPAC is along the route. Nice, polite young people attend this conference every year, and it's a pleasure to meet conservative college students excited to be in Washington.

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