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By on 2.9.06 | 1:41PM

Sen. Harry Reid is a liar, or at least extremely unsure of what he believes in. We'll go with the former.

Sen. Harry Reid, said this morning that he doubted the Judiciary Committee should have had jurisdiction over the asbestor bill that is currently taking up the Senate's attention. "I think there should have been a joint referral to the … Environment and Public Works Committee," he said. "I haven't spoken to the chairman of that committee, Senator Inhofe. I've been chairman on two separate occasions, of that committee. I'll bet Senator Inhofe is wondering why his committee hasn't had something to do with it."

But wait, what was he thinking when the asbestos fight was ongoing 18 months ago? In April 2004: "The only way I will ever feel comfortable about legislation dealing with asbestos is if it goes through the channels it is supposed to go through: the Judiciary Committee. … In short, the Judiciary Committee has jurisdiction over this legislation, and this is from where the legislation should come that we deal with on the floor … It has to come out of the Judiciary Committee." (Congressional Record, 4/20/04)

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