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Believing in God Doesn’t Make You Smart

By on 2.9.06 | 10:57AM

Iain Murray dismantles the evangelicals' silly jump onto the global warming bandwagon. They've botched the science altogether, Murray writes, from the existence of warming and its alleged human cause to the doomsday effects.

This time, they've bought the politically correct conventional wisdom hook, line, and sinker. Someone send them a copy of Michael Crichton's book. It's disappointing to see someone of Timothy George's stature and intelligence lending his name to such a document.

Other than him and Rick Warren (of Christian self-help fame... there, I said it, send angry emails to amspecblog -at-, I don't recognize a soul on this list. Contrary to the New York Times touting "leaders" joining the global warming fight, the big names declined to sign.

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