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FBI Arrests Man Planning to Bomb DC

By on 2.17.12 | 4:55PM

The FBI arrested Amine El Khalifi, a Muslim from Morocco here in the United States illegally, for attempting to detonate a suicide bomb at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. He was detained a few blocks away from the Capitol.

However, the device El Khalifi was carrying wasn't real and his arrest came in an undercover sting operation. He had been monitored by the FBI for some time and had been apparently planning to bomb a synagogue or launch an attack at a restaurant frequented by U.S. military personnel before deciding to set his sights towards the Capitol. El Khalifi had said he would have been happy to blow up himself up and take 30 people with him.

I have a feeling though that we will hear accusations of entrapment on the part of the FBI as we have in other cases. It will once again be a case of pity the poor terrorist.

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