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CAIRing for Cartoons?

By on 2.8.06 | 1:42PM

Ibrahim Hooper -- spokesman for the Council of American Muslim Relations -- may have made a big blooper on the Laura Ingraham show today.

Hooper's blooper was in agreeing with me that there should be no law to prevent publication of cartoons such as those of Mohammed that have stirred Muslims in Europe to protest and in SW Asia to riots and death. How much trouble will he be in with the radical Muslims who insist that freedom of the press doesn't go as far as that, and shouldn't. Hooper tried to make amends by insisting that the Iranian paper about to publish its "Holocaust" cartoon contest wasn't following government orders. He said he didn't know enough about the Iranian press to know if it was free or not. He's the only person I have spoken to who has that doubt.

Meanwhile, it's good to know Condi Rice reads John Batchelor. She came out today blaming Iran and Syria for the cartoon intifada riots.

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