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The Day Ahead: Friday February 17

By on 2.17.12 | 7:42AM

Happy Birthday! The Stimulus is 3 years old (ABC News)

Candidates ramp up for Super Tuesday (RCP)

Media Matters admits David Brock's bodyguards did carry firearms (Daily Caller)

Foster Friess' aspirin joke (USA Today)

Real unemployment hits 15% (Townhall)

GM union workers recieve $7000 profit sharing checks (USA Today)

The downside of the insider trading bill (WSJ)

Paul Krugman's interview in Playboy (Playboy)

Sheldon Adelson's strategy (IBD)

Obama judicial appointee under fire from Bobby Jindal (Weekly Standard)

Bernanke: low rates good for banks in long run (WSJ)

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood threatens to reconsider treaty with Israel (NY Times)

German president steps down (Washington Times)

VIDEO: Tim Geithner vs. Rep. Paul Ryan


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