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So Much for the Dimon-Obama Bromance

By on 2.16.12 | 7:55AM

On Monday, Jamie Dimon, Chairman, President, and CEO of JPMorgan Chase, and therefore one of the most important bankers in the world, had some not so kind things to say about economic policies of recent years.

Dimon, whose strong early support of Barack Obama was often termed a "bromance," recently had a private meeting with Mitt Romney, perhaps emblematic of Wall Street's sense of betrayal by a candidate they supported aggressively with votes and cash. They should have known better, but at least they've learned their lesson: Barack Obama is what he is, and your cash doesn't change that.

Dimon dodged the question of his not supporting Barack Obama in this election season.

Dimon's comments make no partisan references and his frustration seems bipartisan, including with the "debt ceiling crisis" and with the lack of certainty around tax policy. He also notes how many complaints there are about Dodd-Frank and how damaging current over-regulation is to small banks, and makes a specific point about the damaging impact of Washington "denigrating business."

Still, most of these issues are the fault and policy of Democrats and the Obama administration. Even if Dimon doesn't come right out and say it, it's hard to miss his anger and frustration with our current government and their persistently anti-business approach.

See a clip of Dimon's interview with Fox Business here.

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