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The Day Ahead: Thursday February 16

By on 2.16.12 | 7:14AM

Media Matters accepted $50k to fact check religious broadcasts (Daily Caller)

Obama leads all Republican candidates (CNN Poll)

Chances of brokered convention as likely as "space alien attack" (Washington Times)

GOP demands apology about Obama campaign's "chimichanga" attack (The Hill)

Megadeth frontman backs Rick Santorum (Politico)

In 1990, Santorum claimed he's not a Reagan Republican (HuffPo)

Romney's staunchly anti-trade op-ed (WSJ)

Is Mitt Romney running out of money? (Buzzfeed)

OBM Director slips up in committee, forgets Obamacare is a tax (Politico)

Sen. Tom Coburn endorses gas tax hike (Roll Call)

Fed open to stimilus action (WaPo)

The Babyccino (New York Magazine)

The new American dream: renting (Reuters)

VIDEO: Joe Kennedy runs for Barney Frank's congressional seat


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