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The Day Ahead: Monday February 13

By on 2.13.12 | 6:20AM

Paranoid David Brock uses drugs, had bodyguard with illegal handgun in D.C. (Daily Caller)

Obama to call for higher taxes, more spending in budget today (WSJ)

Weekend payroll tax cuts failed (Politico)

White House falsely claims Senate needs 60 votes to pass budget (WaPo)

Mitt Romney wins CPAC and Maine (Fox News)

Rick Santorum accuses Romney, Paul of rigging CPAC straw poll (National Journal)

Catholic Bishops oppose "compromise" on birth-control mandates (WSJ)

Critics of safety net increasing dependent on it (NY Times)

Record high 67% see bias in news media (Newsbusters)

New movement encourages sheriffs to arrest federal regulators (Denver Post)

Occupy movement regroups, plans for next phase (NY Times)

Greek lawmakers approve austerity bill and Athens is on fire (Reuters)

VIDEO: At CPAC, Andrew Breitbart promised videos from Obama's radical college years (5:15)

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