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The Day Ahead: Friday, February 10

By on 2.10.12 | 7:46AM

Day 2 of CPAC: Gingrich, Romney, and Santorum speak today (CPAC)

White House will modify birth control mandate (The Hill)

CPAC cool to Republican congress (Examiner)

Houses passes insider trading bill (NYT)

Heritage Foundation releases Index on Dependence on Government (Heritage)

Obama bundler earmarked stimulus dollars for donors (Free Beacon)

China and Canada "deepening economic relations" after Keystone fail (Townhall)

Mirroring WFB's famous quote, voters would rather be governed by random people in phone book (TPM)

Yesterday's foreclosure agreement, explained (FT)

Tory infighting over NHS battle (BBC)

Muslim Brotherhood demands military cede power in Egypt (NYT)

VIDEO: Gov. Rick Perry speaks with bloggers at CPAC, confirms he will run for President again


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