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The Day Ahead: Wednesday, February 8

By on 2.8.12 | 7:59AM

Rick Santorum won 3 primaries last night in CO, MN, and MO (CNN)

9th Circuit Court overturns California's gay marriage ban (WSJ)

Democrats race to line up wealthy donors for Super PACs (NY Times)

White House plays both sides on contraception requirement (National Journal)

House GOP introduces their version of an insider trading bill (AP)

Occupy DC to protest CPAC (Politico)

The Republicans' enthusiasm gap (PPP)

Little room for new workers as workers are reluctant to quit (WSJ)

American borrowing is up (WSJ)

After wrecking banks, Federal Reserve targets money funds (Real Clear Markets)

George W. Bush defends auto bailouts (Bloomberg)

Greek Prime Minister seeks bailout consensus (Bloomberg)

VIDEO: Reason TV parodies Clint Eastwood's Super Bowl ad


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