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The Day Ahead: Monday, February 6

By on 2.6.12 | 7:10AM

In general election poll, Obama holds lead over Romney (WaPo)

The man behind Rick Santorum's money (ABC News)

Kathleen Sebelius defends unconstitutional contraception rule (Politico)

Round 2 of the Obama, Ryan budget battles (The Hill)

Politics could be in Tim Tebow's future (HuffPo)

Forclosure deal between states and federal government is near (WSJ)

Revolving door between Treasury Department and Wall Street (Financial Times)

Medicare Premium Support: The Best Reform Option (Heritage Foundation)

A JFK White House intern releases book on affair (NY Post)

The hidden burden of ultra-low interest rates (Bloomberg)

Twitter is harder to resist than alcohol, cigarettes (The Guardian)

Mexico conservatives back a female presidential candidate (Reuters)

Tens of thousands rally against Putin (Fox News)

Greece agrees to harsh spending cuts (NY Times)

VIDEO: Clint Eastwood's Super Bowl commercial: "It's Halftime in America"


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