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By on 2.7.06 | 5:01PM

Drudge is reporting that some phony whacko liberal preacher identified as former prez Carter and a real lib preacher, one Joe Lowery, seized the occasion of Coretta Scott King's funeral to bash W, who was dutifully in attendance. Shades of Wellstone?

The 2002 funeral of Paul Wellstone was a politcal circus that marked what most people of taste and discretion thought would be the low-water mark for liberalism. But, instead, it marked the beginning of a fashion trend. The libs' performance at the CSK funeral today is just another development in the fashion line. Will the next lib funeral be a dinner/fundraiser? Could this be their secret plan to evade the lobbying reforms sure to grow out of the Abramoff scandal?

Political funerals, we must admit, didn't begin with Wellstone. And they won't end with King. But we are permitted a small wish that the oratory be more to the standard of Marc Antony at Caesar's than Jimmuh at Coretta's.

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