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The Day Ahead: Friday, February 3

By on 2.3.12 | 7:14AM

Obama to speak in a green, woman-friendly firehouse in Arlington (Star Telegram)

Jobless rate has fallen because of dropouts (Washington Times)

White House not backing down on contraception (National Journal)

Donald Trump said to Newt Gingrich: "You're fired!" (LA Times)

Susan G. Komen deals with well-coordinated attacks from Planned Parenthood (Politico)

Senate passed STOCK Act last night (Roll Call)

Rep. Health Shuler of NC, a rare "blue dog" Democrat, retires (Roll Call)

Sen. Hatch is not yet convinced Obama is Jesus Christ (The Hill)

Occupy DC members on a "sleep strike" (DCist)

Hillary Clinton: Bond Villain? (Daily Mail)

Tim Geithner Defends Dodd-Frank (NY Times)

Leon Panetta story sparks Israel-Iran speculation (Politico)

VIDEO: Sen. Jim DeMint narrates a cartoon:


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