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Absolutely Sick Tactic From Gingrich

By on 1.31.12 | 4:48PM

I'm with Jonah Goldberg and John Tabin on the disgusting spectacle of Newt Gingrich debasing himself with an utterly mendacious attack on Mitt Romney, aimed at scaring Florida's Jewish population with references to the Holocaust. Here's a challenge to Jeff Lord: I DARE you to defend this. Go ahead. Try. If you have any decency, sir, you will denounce this latest Newtoid attack with every breath in your lungs.

Rick Santorum is right to denounce these and other examples of gutter politics.

Then again, what else can we expect from Gingrich? This is the same guy who blamed the Left when a mentally ill mother named Susan Smith drowned her two little boys in her car on purpose. He'll do anything, anything at all, no matter how low, to try to gain political advantage.

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