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Lobbying Reform

By on 2.7.06 | 10:33AM

We're hearing about a meeting that was held last Friday among a number of Republican/conservative staff from third party groups that lobby on Capitol Hill, everyone from the U.S. Chamber to the Family Research Council. The intent of the meeting was an update from the staff of Sen. John McCain and others on the Senate side about the lobbying reform effort.

The news from McCain's staff was to be expected: that the process was moving forward, there would most likely be legislation, but that the Senator preferred a tough, comprehensive look at the issue instead of window-dressing.

What was surprising, according to some attendees, was the blunt talk from Sen. Rick Santorum's aide, who essentially said that lobbying reform was inevitable and that everyone should just get in line and take it like a man.

Now, it's doubtful that Senator Santorum, who has been one of the most aggressive fundraisers in town over the past year (you may have heard, he has this little re-election thing going on), intended the message to be so, shall we say, graceless? But really. You don't bite the hands that are feeding you, and you certainly don't bite hands, such as FRC's and others, that spend comparatively little on lobbying in the manner of other firms.

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