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Romney Aides Tied to Freddie Mac

By on 1.25.12 | 4:56PM

Here we go. This was inevitable.

Now the Daily Caller is reporting here that Mitt Romney's top advisers lobbied for… yes… Freddie Mac. Which in turn raises the obvious since Romney has been firing away at Gingrich on the issue. Will Romney a) fire the aides -- lobbyists Susan Molinari and Vin Weber? – or, b) demand that they return the money.

Now what does this little episode really demonstrate?

The Romney campaign has violated one of the primary laws from that rascally old strategist Sun Tzu… know the enemy and know yourself. The Romney campaign is a bit shaky on knowing Newt and, disturbingly, positively weak on knowing itself. Did no one at Romney HQ not understand that if they were to attack Newt on Freddie Mac… any Romney-Freddie ties would quickly surface? No? Really? Why not?

What Romney has done here is hire Washington Establishment Republicans. Smart people, nice people, good people… but nonetheless people whose very existence depends on keeping the status quo. This says -- yet again -- everything about the Romney mindset when it comes to bringing serious change to Washington. This is exactly why he is having trouble.

And he seems clueless about how to deal with the problem.  Newsflash: attacking Newt for Freddie Mac ties while hiring aides who did the same thing was only going to backfire. Which it has now done!

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