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Levin’s Ameritopia Tops Barnes & Noble List

By on 1.24.12 | 11:44AM

Take a look at the Barnes and Noble book sales/ratings list below.

Why is this important?

There is a decided link, I believe, between what is going on in American culture at any given moment and what that augurs for a presidential (or congressional) election. Mark Levin's Ameritopia

is now perched atop the B&N bestseller list, as it has been at Amazon.

This is, as discussed earlier here, yet another sign that Levin's companion book to Liberty and Tyranny has a considerable and passionately conservative audience -- an audience not unlike all those people giving Newt Gingrich standing ovations at these debates.  What it means is that there is a large conservative audience out there. They read -- and they vote. And they are not fans of either liberalism or Obama. Which in turn says that no matter the outcome of this nomination fight, come September when the final nominee is in the ring with Obama there may well be a historic wave with one objective: defeating Obama and changing the direction of America.

Doubtless there is more to come. Meanwhile, the returns are now in from Barnes and Noble: 

BARNES & NOBLE books sales/ratings

Adult Non-Fic. Overall Hardcover
Tuesday 1/24/2012 thru Monday 1/30/2012

1  Ameritopia  Mark R. Levin
2  Killing Lincoln  O'Reilly B
3 Through My Eyes  Tebow T
4  American Sniper  Chris Kyle
5  Steve Jobs  Isaacson W
6  End of Illness  David B. Agus
7  Deliciously G-Free  Elisabeth Hasselbeck
8  StrengthsFinder 2.0  Tom Rath
9  Unbroken  Hillenbrand L
10 Heaven is for Real  Burpo Todd

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