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Sen. Paul Detained by TSA

By on 1.23.12 | 9:56AM

File it under "Odd Ways to Start One's Week."

I have it on good authority that Senator Rand Paul has been detained by TSA agents at the Nashville International Airport. It appears that a glitch in the full body scanner set off all the bells and whistles, and Paul was not allowed to re-enter for a second scan. Immediately thereafter, a crack squad of savvy, motivated TSA agents insisted on administering a full body pat down which Paul refused. It appears he is about to be escorted out of the airport.

Sen. Paul was on his way back to the District to speak at today's March for Life -- an annual demonstration/protest to mark the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

Back in September, the Kentucky senator made waves when he called TSA Chief John Pistole "clueless” at a Homeland Security and Gov. Affairs committee hearing. He went on to accuse the agency of needlessly detaining and searching the young and elderly.

Say what you will about his dad's foreign policy, but I'm pretty confident Sen. Paul doesn't present a clear and present danger to his fellow flyers a board a flight to work at the Senate. This whole incident will undoubtedly serve as yet another reminder of how silly and invasive a lot of this "security" really is.

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