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Mitt Romney’s Tattered Economic Credentials

By on 1.20.12 | 3:59AM

I was on an airplane last night, which mercifully spared me from having to listen to the latest Republican Party debate.  But I recently came across another reason to doubt Mitt Romney's economic savvy:  his support for the minimum wage.

Reports Reihan Salam:

The National Employment Law Project Action Fund, a left-leaning group, is touting the news that Mitt Romney supports indexing the federal minimum wage to CPI. He supported this measure during his 2002 campaign for governor of Massachusetts, and he has recently reiterated. Newt Gingrich has expressed his disagreement with Romney on this score. 

The minimum wage long has been a liberal favorite because it sounds good, even though it puts people out of work.  And the most vulnerable are the poorly educated, lesser-skilled, and inexperienced, such as minority teenagers.  If Mitt Romney is such an economic guru, he should know better.

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