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The Day Ahead: Tuesday, January 17

By on 1.17.12 | 8:00AM

Payroll tax cut deal may come faster than expected (Politico)

Obama Adminstration warns lefty groups they may not like budget proposal (The Hill)

Companies buy back shares, US Market shrinks for first time since 2009 (Bloomberg)

Man vs. Machine, a Jobless Recovery (WSJ)

Real GDP per person (The Economist)

Over 46 million Americans are now on food stamps (Zero Hedge)

Iceland's fledgling recovery (WaPo)

It is likely the Iowa GOP will announce Rick Santorum actually won Iowa poll (Byron York)

The State (South Carolina) on endorsing of Jon Huntsman: Was like pursuing a man, who then tells you he's gay (The Guardian)

Theodore Dalrymple on the European debt Crisis (City Journal)

Actor Mark Wahlberg goes to church everyday (The Blaze)

Jay-Z, Warren Buffett, and Steve Forbes walk into a diner... (Forbes)

VIDEO: Juan Williams vs. Newt Gingrich


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