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The Romney Endorsement Machine

By on 1.16.12 | 12:33PM

Mitt Romney now has the endorsements of Bob "Bob" Dole, John McCain, and Jon Hunstman. This trifecta of worthies should be worth dozens of votes across the nation's country clubs. Has anyone heard how Arlen Specter is going on this one? And we're waiting for a call from Lowell Weicker. This could be big.

The NYT story on Huntsman putting his ill-advised and quixotic campaign to sleep contained this knee-slapper: "Mr. Huntsman, who had struggled to live up to the soaring expectations of his candidacy." ("Soaring" has since been changed in the story to "early".)

Huh? Soaring expectations on the part of whom? More like soaring imagination of liberal journalists who were enchanted that Huntsman announced his campaign on the promise that he would save the GOP from its low-forehead, knuckle-dragging, mouth-breathing base (OK, not his exact words, but it's what he meant -- "Kinder, gentler," and "compassionate conservatism" taken to the 10th power). It took Huntsman a surprising amount of time to realize that putting "just be nice" bumper strips on his campaign bus does not quality as sound pubic policy. 

Huntsman's candidacy was a fool's errand from its badly choreographed beginning. There are doubtless many Republicans who would vote for Huntsman for president -- of the Downtown Salt Lake City Kiwanis Club -- but for nothing of higher responsibility in the republic.

Good luck and God's speed, Jon. Utah is beautiful this time of year.

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