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Sean Bielat Launches 2012 Race Targeting Joe Kennedy III

By on 1.13.12 | 11:58AM

In 2010, few GOP congressional candidates battled longer odds or inspired more admiration than Sean Bielat, the Marine veteran who challenged Barney Frank in the 4th District of Massachusetts. A month ago, Bielat told me he was nearing a decision on mounting another challenge for the same seat, which has been redistricted to include slightly more Republican-friendly precincts.

Now, the Kennedy family has put up its own candidate as heir apparent to Frank's seat, and Bielat previewed his 2012 campaign in a fundraising letter to conservatives:

We gave Barney Frank quite a scare and many pundits have suggested that our efforts played a significant role in his recent retirement announcement. While we fell a bit short on Election Day, we built a network of people who cared enough about tomorrow to get involved today. . . .
The Massachusetts Democrats are desperate to reclaim Barney Frank's district and re-brand it as yet another "Kennedy Seat". We can't let this happen! Putting someone into office simply because of his family is bad for Massachusetts, and it's bad for the nation. Sending more people to Washington spouting the same tired rhetoric is perhaps worse. ...

Read the whole thing.

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