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Huntsman Sr. Partner With Bain Capital Executive

By on 1.10.12 | 7:50PM

Well things get curiouser and curiouser, as they say.

While Jon Huntsman Jr. is jumping on Mitt Romney for Romney's comment about firing people…a comment that has been linked to his time at Bain Capital, here's an interesting fact that Mr. Huntsman seems reluctant to reveal.

That would be?

That would be that one Jon Huntsman Sr. -- Jon Huntsman's dad -- is in a big deal business partnership with one Robert C. Gay, the two the name partners in the Huntsman Gay Global Capital private equity firm.

And who is Robert C. Gay?


Mr. Gay is the former longtime (1989-2004) managing director of… wait for it…Bain Capital.

Meaning Mr. Gay of Huntsman Gay is the former managing director of the very firm for which, according to Mr. Huntsman Jr., Mitt Romney loved to fire people.

Which would lead to the obvious question.

If Bain Capital is such a dastardly place that Mitt Romney loved to fire people… why is the Huntsman family making money with a Mitt Romney business partner who presumably has long known of Romney's dastardly behavior? And presumably participated in same?

Hmmm. If Jon Huntsman Jr. survives New Hampshire one suspects he will have some 'splainin' to do about income his family has earned by linking up with the guy -- Mr. Gay -- who ran Mitt Romney's Bain Capital. While Mitt was down the hall firing people.

Unless, of course, Mr. Romney and the very nature of capitalism is being deliberately misrepresented by Mr. Hunstman.

Let's see what happens.

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