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How Would Obama Possibly Know….?

By on 1.10.12 | 11:08AM

Barack Obama has been quoted saying that Republicans threaten the "very core of what this country stands for."

How the heck would he know? Oh, he might know about Republicans, all right -- but does he know even the slightest thing about the core of this country?

Even needing to ask the question provides the answer. It matters not where he was born; this man is deeply and fiercely alien to the American tradition. He thinks ordinary Americans "cling" to Gods and guns because we are "bitter." He believes we should "redistribute the wealth." He thinks cops are "stupid" for politely asking a Harvard professor to show proof of residence when a neighbor reported a burglary in progress. He thinks that if Congress doesn't immediately do his bidding, he can ignore the Constitution because he supposedly has a superceding need to"act." He thinks government has a right to tell people when they have made "too much money."

He is an alien menace.

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