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NH GOP Debate Pre-Mortem

By on 1.7.12 | 3:56PM

We are a few hours away from tonight's GOP debate in Manchester, New Hampshire.

While I am sure a lot of people would rather watch the NFL I have a feeling there will be more hits in the debate than in the Detroit Lions-New Orleans Saints game.

Although Mitt Romney will try to stay above the fray he will be pounded upon by Santorum, Huntsman and especially Newt. Perry will save most of his amunition for Santorum while Paul will divide his time between Santorum and Newt. I suspect that Huntsman will be eager to go after Paul in light the "Manchurian Candidate" video allegedly put out by one of Paul's supporters.

The winner of tonight's debate: President Obama.

The debate begins at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.

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